Code of Ethics

We, the members of the Ontario Association of Cemetery and Funeral Professionals (OACFP), agree to honour our obligations to the membership of the OACFP, the customers we serve, their families, and to the bereavement profession at large. We will diligently strive to encourage the highest ethical practices in the operation, maintenance, and management of Ontario’s bereavement sector establishments and by so doing, will foster a greater respect for the bereavement profession.  The OACFP is a unified association of bereavement sector professionals providing a support network of education and resources and as such our members will:

  1. Serve the families of Ontario with the utmost of respect, compassion, and confidentiality, honouring their religious, ethnic, and personal beliefs;
  2. Assist our families to memorialize, within their means, the lives lived by their loved ones to the best of our ability;
  3. Be aware of and act in compliance with all laws and regulations relating to the operation of bereavement sector establishments;
  4. Be open and honest with all our customers and ensure that they understand the stipulations, requirements, and limitations of all our contracts;
  5. Train staff to professionally service families and treat all human remains with dignity and respect;
  6. Maintain our establishments in a manner consistent with the dignity and respect afforded to all human remains and the sensitivities of the families we serve;
  7. Safeguard the Trust Funds under our management;
  8. Assist, encourage, and educate fellow members and bereavement sector professionals.

Code of Ethics Review and Enforcement

Any perceived breach of ethics leveled at a member in writing by another member or by the Provincial Regulator will be reviewed by a committee appointed by the President and, upon consensus that said member knowingly or negligently breached the code, this Committee will recommend appropriate action by OACFP Board of Directors on behalf of the membership.  This may be no action, a written reprimand, or expulsion from the OACFP as permitted under the OACFP By-laws.  Written notification will be sent to all members who have been found to be in breach of the Code of Ethics. Any perceived breach of ethics leveled at a member by the public will be referred to the Provincial Regulator.  The OACFP will not act on any perceived breaches of ethics reported by the public.