Continuing Education

OACFP Members

All OACFP education is accredited for Continuing Education purposes.

The OACFP and the Ontario Funeral Service Association (OFSA) have also formed a joint committee, the Bereavement Education Committee (BEC), whose purpose is to accredit those who wish to provide education that will be used as continuing education credit for licensees.  The BEC was created at the request of the BAO to oversee the ongoing requirements for continuing education for licensees.  Both associations have long stood for the value of continuing education and the necessity to have quality education available to all bereavement sector professionals.  The joint committee was created to provide fair sector-based expertise for evaluating the continuing education opportunities that are available for licensees. 

It is important for our members to realize that our regular members (licensed establishments) who wish to provide continuing education to their employees do not have to submit accreditation applications to the BEC.   As a member of OACFP, each licensed establishment will be able to have 10 hours of continuing education accredited (by the OACFP) per year at no additional charge as a benefit of membership. 

The guidelines and application forms for our members can be found here:

OACFP Continuing Education Guidelines

OACFP Continuing Education Application