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Welcome to the OACFP Be Brave Campaign* 

Come learn the core principles and skills of stress and anxiety management in action. Designed to help bereavement professionals manage the challenges of serving client families during the COVID-19 pandemic, BRAVE is a 5 step program of experiential learning modules. Go through each video and its related poster then apply your new knowledge and skills throughout your day.  It is hoped that the BRAVE toolkit will help you and your family during COVID- 19 and beyond.  And remember, as an OACFP Member….you are not alone… 


Action 1 - BREATHE



Action 2 - Remain


 BRAVE Campaign Infographics - Remain Poster  

Action 3 - Articulate


 BRAVE Campaign Infographics - Articulate Poster  

Action 4 - Visualize



 BRAVE Campaign Infographics - Visualize Poster  

Action 5 - Exercise



 BRAVE Campaign Infographics - Exercise Poster    

Mental Health Moments from #OACFP20 

The following "Mental Health Moments" were presented as part of this year's annual conference.  We have made them available here to all bereavement sector professionals with the support our partners listed below and as part of our ongoing commitment to provide support for our members and the sector at large.




  • Funded through a grant from the Funeral Service Foundation - please consider donating.

  • Bill Tibbo

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