A Brief History 

The ONTARIO ASSOCIATION OF CEMETERY & FUNERAL PROFESSIONALS (OACFP) is a non-profit provincial association founded in 1913.

Formerly known as the Ontario Association of Cemeteries, the association was initially created as a vehicle for Ontario’s cemeterians to exchange ideas and information in order to maintain high professional operations standards and customer service levels.

In 2003, the Ontario Government responded to changing consumer demand and took steps to replace The Cemeteries Act and The Funeral Director Establishments Act. In its place, they introduced the Funeral, Burial and Cremation Services Act 2002. This was designed to introduce new levels of consumer choice, combined with strengthened consumer protection.

As an Association, we recognized that a unified industry would lead to improved communications amongst industry professionals and higher standards of consumer service. We responded and assumed a leadership role by changing our by-laws to include professional cemeterians, cremationists, funeral directors, funeral transfer services, monument and casket retailers, industry suppliers, industry consultants and affiliated death care industry associations. It is from this broadened membership base that the OACFP was formed.

“Pride in his profession and aim for improvement will cause every Superintendent and Cemetery Official to reach out for knowledge and we trust this Association will be the school to furnish such to them.”

These were words spoken by W.H. Foord, the first President of the Association of the Cemetery Officials of Canada, in his inaugural address, August 1913. For close to a century, the objectives of the Association have not wavered from Mr. Foord’s inaugural speech. The OACFP is proud to be a leading provincial death-care association dedicated to improving communication and educational opportunities amongst its industry members.